Are you a transition manager, a facilitator or event designer? And are you open to innovative methods of creating shared experiences? Or are you curious about what interactive mixed reality spaces can do in your transitional process?

MAPLAB offers expertise in creating environments to help you solve specific questions in interdisciplinary groups with cutting edge technology. 

When dealing with diverse groups in a brainstorm, design or decision-making process, there are many ways to gather, share and exchange information. Technology gives new possibilities to increase interaction and involvement of the different participants and supports co-creation. MAPLAB can guide you in the use of innovative mixed reality technology and performative tools in these processes, for instance by sketching complex situations with multiple stakeholders.

Your questions to solve can be investigated collectively in a shared and modifiable mixed reality experience in our multimodular lab. We can also advise you on the design and optimal use of your own workshop space with interactive tools. When you’re an events organiser and want to enhance participation by interaction, MAPLAB also has the expertise to guide you in data visualisation, for instance of visitor’s data in a conference.

We offer design trajectories. In collaboration with media collective we can additionally offer implementation/ production of a solution.We also invite process experts from private-, public sector and NGO’s to contact us for joint research on the design of innovative change tools and experiences.

The project(s) below maybe of interest to you. Please contact us if you would like to know more about what solutions we can offer.