Are you a practitioner (maker) of theatre, arts or design? Is interaction one of your fields of interest? Or are you interested in the potential of mixed reality experiences? Would you like to explore the creative potential of technology in your practice?
Come and seriously play with us in our lab…

MAPLAB consists of a flexible studio space, specific digital tools and process guidance. These are used for research around interaction, mixed reality experiences and working with new technology in an performative context. Our goal is to make digital technology available to artists and designers, and encourage the use of it in their own creative practise. At the same time we are a platform for programmers, interactive media artists, interaction designers, developers, etc.

MAPLAB’s focus in research is on creative processes rather than products. A typical lab-research project centers around an artistic question that you can investigate and explore through serious play, without the pressure of delivering a predetermined final product.

Examples of the type of research that artists can do in our lab:

  • investigate new scenographic possibilities using new technology
  • create interactive environments for performers to experiment with interaction between performers, space, audience and technology
  • create a canvas for an interactive making process and mixed reality experiences for any context

Feel free to wander around different projects below to get an idea of what happens when play is research and research is play.

Curious and inspired? The project(s) below maybe of interest to you. Or you may want to Contact us about to share your research questions with us.