Are you a student or a teacher in arts and culture? Are you keen on exploring the possibilities of interactive digital media in a performative context? Or are you a practitioner looking for new insights and methods for your own practice?

MAPLAB is a practice-led research environment for people who like to learn by doing.

We offer:

  • learning trajectories and dedicated programs for BA, MA and Phd Students and teachers in arts and arts education. A research assignment at MAPLAB is included in the project-based curriculum of many HKU BA and MA students.
  • the workshop program Didactics for teaching artists or lecturers in art education in collaboration with HKU Expertisecentrum Educatie. Participants learn about the implementation of interactive digital media and a ‘design by doing’ methodology in their own didactic practise.
  • supplementary training for practitioners in the field in how to make these methods transmittable to others.
  • customized trajectories to art practitioners and students.

The project(s) below maybe of interest to you.